So, an application has gone in to council to get permission to remove both of those. There are also a heap of species in our yard which are known to be invasive in Sydney bushland, like the ochna (evil noxious weed), umbrella tree and buddleia or butterfly bush. Some others I think we just don't want to keep. In Chinese culture, it's lucky to have a jade plant by the front door, and apparently even luckier if you can get it to grow inside. So, I'm busy propagating some right now to see if I can get it established there before I pull out the one in the yard! In the end, I think almost everything that we currently have in the yard will be replaced, except for the camellias between us and the neighbours and maybe the bromeliads (undecided at this point). I'm still in the process of designing the front yard that will exist in place of this one, but have some idea. I've included a rough design for you to check it out. It will largely be a native yard, but with a couple of South African proteas as well.
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