The eatery is the part of this room which has proven so popular. We'll change it to make it more accessible and comfortable, but we definitely plan to retain something similar here. Not only is it currently the social centre of the house when we have friends over or have parties, but it'll be a great place to allow young kids to play about within view. For now, I'm still planning on making some simple cushions for the benches to make them more appealing (and comfortable!). It's odd because when we first saw the house this was one part that we were both a bit dubious about. It's turned out to be one of the best.

The bright colours and large glass windows definitely help with the ambiance in this room. It's so light and airy, although it doesn't get direct sunlight except late in the arvo in mid-summer (and then it's really hot). The lightness of this room does put the lounge and dining in stark contrast, but also probably allows us to retain two dark rooms as a bit of a 'quiet space'. We really do live in the back of the house most of the time during the day, but the darker lounge is much cooler in summer and a great little retreat during those Sydney stinkers. This back extension has little to no insulation, so that's a must when we finally do it up.

The light and bright colours in the kitchen really help to make this back part very different from the rest of the house, and we'll treat it as such as we renovate. We're planning on keeping the bright red wall, which we both love, but we'll be loosing the bright blue kitchen. We'll also be changing the green room, although many people have said that they really like it and it does grow on you, trust me. Right now the three colours together are a bit excessive : Perhaps I should chuck in some bright yellow, just to add to the visual effect.

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